注意事項 ● 產品顏色及色澤或因數位螢幕品牌與設定不同而產生差異,請以實際商品為準 ● 透明收縮膜外有不規則之排氣孔洞、封口皺摺、膠面厚度不一為正常收縮程序產生之狀態,不影響內部產品,恕無法因此原因退、換貨

退換貨規則 如發現新品瑕疵(異常污漬、裝訂不全、缺頁)、運送毀損、數量、品項有異等狀況,請於收到商品後7日內與原購買通路或我們聯繫(support@aaronnieh.com),我們將盡快處理、寄出新品。

Please note ● The actual product may differ slightly from the online images due to photographic lighting or your monitor settings ● The shrink-wrap on the notebook has irregular vent holes and creases, which is the result of the packaging process, and won’t affect the product inside. Refunds and exchanges won’t be accepted for this reason

Return Policies If there are any imperfections (stains), discrepancies (missing pages) or any other errors in the delivery process, please contact the retailer or us within 7 days of (receiving) your purchase. We will look into the matter and ship a replacement immediately.